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Our Story

Oorleef was created during the March 2020 pandemic. The brand was started from a love of fashion and design which was cultivated at an early age. A love which finally came into fruition. Oorleef is a unique clothing line because of the meaning. Oorleef means “survive” in Afrikaans which is a language spoken in Africa. Survive meaning

:manage to keep going in difficult circumstances

:continue to live or exist especially in spite of danger or hardship

:to succeed in keeping alive against all odds 

:Remain alive after death 

Survival is one of the most relatable connections all humans have with each other. We all are trying to survive and we all go thru a survival moment in life. This fight for survival is what gives us knowledge, power, and drive which are key factors of survival.  This brand serves as a uniformed reminder of how people survive through things they love in art form.  The designs also have their own meanings. The dachshund dog represents the that we all at times can be a stray dog in the world but eventually find our way home. The dachshund is also unique because they have a longer life span than other dogs. The “O” which is on the back of most shirts represents a never ending circle, a reminder for us to keeping going with no end in sight. Some of our designs also incorporate a giant leaf which comes from a Pando tree. The Pando tree is unique because its a tree that grows in groups and its long term survival is uncertain because of all the negative environmental factors surrounding it. It continues to thrives in conditions where it shouldn’t. In many ways we humans are similar to the Pando tree. We both need oxygen, we both thrive when we are together, and we both survive in environments were we should perish. In the end, we both will do anything to “survive” OORLEEF.

It’s the Legacy

Remain alive after death

Oorleef Mask
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